Sixty Four

Welcome to LPA

LPA provides a range of software development tools for both programmers and non-programmers who wish to deliver knowledge-based decision support and expert systems.

When I'm Sixty Four

Our existing Prolog system, based on Brian D Steel's classic "386-PROLOG" engine, continues to power the entire LPA software suite. This version runs on all versions of Windows since Win98SE, and even 32-bit extended MS-DOS, but now we have some very exciting news: Brian has been working on a brand new, 64-bit version of the engine, and as of 9th June, 2018, it is ALIVE! The screenshot to the right is a genuine image of the new system, in its console version, running some classical Prolog tests. More info will follow soon!

Announcing WIN-PROLOG 6.1

The 24th of October, 2017, marks the release of a major new version of WIN-PROLOG. Established and proven for 28 years, this leading Prolog compiler for Windows provides a robust engine and dedicated development environment AI applications.

The WIN-PROLOG Free Trial

We have recently updated our popular WIN-PROLOG Free Trial, bringing it right up to date with the brand-new version 6. In return for your name and email address, our server will mail you a link to a free, 28-day version of this leading Prolog compiler, complete with full context-sensitive help.


Introducing Weblog!

Weblog is the fresh, new toolkit which provides a direct, streamlined way of combining beautifully designed web pages with logical scripts written in Prolog.

Weblog separates the processes of website design and content programming, so that web pages can be created in familiar tools such as DreamWeaver, PhotoShop and Illustrator, independently of the application code which supports them.

VisiRule Business Rules

VisiRule is an intuitive graphical tool for non-technical business users to design and deliver rule-based expert applications, simply by drawing a flowchart that represents the business decision logic.