Documentation Files

From this page, you can download many of LPA's software manuals, in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat 4) format. These manuals may be used in conjuction with our Free Trial software to help with software evaluation, or by themselves, simply to read about our products in greater depth.

Please note that many of these files are quite large, and if you are having trouble downloading them because our website is busy, please try again later.

You can also download free trial versions of some LPA software from the LPA website: once you have obtained your documentation files, click on the "Download" tab and select "Free Trial Software".

Version 6.0

To obtain your documentation files for the above software version, please select from the following links:

    File Name File Size File Date Contents
    CBR_REF.PDF 1,757,981 21-MAR-2016 Case-based Reasoning
    CHI_REF.PDF 9,338,446 21-MAR-2016 Chimera Agents Reference
    DTM_API.PDF 2,175,213 21-MAR-2016 Data Mining Toolkit
    FLN_REF.PDF 4,225,747 21-MAR-2016 Flint Reference
    FLX_EGS.PDF 1,286,840 21-MAR-2016 flex Examples
    FLX_REF.PDF 2,112,714 21-MAR-2016 flex Reference
    FLX_TUT.PDF 1,325,120 21-MAR-2016 flex Tutorial
    INT_REF.PDF 1,981,832 21-MAR-2016 Intelligence Server
    PDI_REF.PDF 1,406,104 21-MAR-2016 ProData Interface
    PPP_REF.PDF 1,995,359 21-MAR-2016 Prolog++ Reference
    PWS_REF.PDF 5,070,690 21-MAR-2016 ProWeb Server User Guide
    VSR_REF.PDF 3,279,653 21-MAR-2016 VisiRule User Guide
    VSR_TUT.PDF 2,531,028 21-MAR-2016 VisiRule Tutorial
    WELCOME.PDF 3,867,191 21-MAR-2016 Welcome and Update Notes
    WFS_REF.PDF 2,422,156 21-MAR-2016 WebFlex Server User Guide
    WIN_EGS.PDF 2,722,187 21-MAR-2016 WIN-PROLOG Prolog Examples
    WIN_PRG.PDF 1,919,722 21-MAR-2016 WIN-PROLOG Programming Guide
    WIN_REF.PDF 14,696,336 21-MAR-2016 WIN-PROLOG Technical Reference
    WIN_TUT1.PDF 1,237,848 21-MAR-2016 Prolog Tutorial 1
    WIN_TUT2.PDF 1,356,098 21-MAR-2016 Prolog Tutorial 2
    WIN_TUT3.PDF 1,436,806 21-MAR-2016 Prolog Tutorial 3
    WIN_TUT4.PDF 1,360,781 21-MAR-2016 Prolog Tutorial 4
    WIN_USR.PDF 8,955,130 21-MAR-2016 WIN-PROLOG User Guide