Software Updates

This page contains information about software updates available for download from the LPA website. Each update is supplied as a ZIP file, which contains among any other files, a "read me" with a name such as "READ_ABC.TXT", which describes the update in detail. Before you install or make any use of LPA software update, please read this file carefully.

    WIN-PROLOG 6.0

    VisiRule for WIN-PROLOG 6.0 A number of minor bugs have been fixed since the 6.0 release of VisiRule; these have been collected together into this update.

    This update contains just one file, a direct replacements for VISIRULE.PC.

    WIN-PROLOG 5.0

    There are no updates available for WIN-PROLOG 5.0 and its toolkits.

    Earlier Releases

    Historical bug fixes and updates have been archived off-line; if you are experiencing any issues with your software, we strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version.